Trinna and Kate would like to thank some people and organizations who have contributed to the development of this project.

Our thanks to:

  • The L.M. Montgomery Institute. The LMMI steering committee chair, Dr. Philip Smith, makes the institute run behind the scenes and, as with many LMM initiatives, provided advice and moral support through the creation of this project. The steering committee as a whole, with its vast depths of LMM knowledge, is an excellent sounding board and cheerleading squad.
  • The UPEI Office of the President, especially Dr. Alaa Abd-El-Aziz for enthusiastically supporting Montgomery initiatives at UPEI.
  • Dr. Julie Sellers, LMM scholar, who after hearing Trinna’s 2018 LMMI conference talk on LMM origin stories, suggested that these stories be collected.
  • Kate Macdonald Butler, Sally Keefe-Cohen, and the Heirs of L.M. Montgomery, Inc. for their ongoing support of LMMI initiatives and of this project in particular. L.M. Montgomery is a trademark of Heirs of L.M. Montgomery Inc.
  • Donald Moses and Simon Lloyd, Robertson Library, UPEI, for helping with technical, copyright, and myriad other LMM-related enquiries.
  • Joy Knight, Research Ethics Board, UPEI, for guiding us through the ethics process and answering many, many questions.
  • Heidi Haering, Research Assistant, LMMI, UPEI, for helping to create the survey and promotional materials.  
  • Thanks to everyone who beta tested the website: Teresa Rodrigues, Jennifer Weese, Dave Hickey, Elizabeth Epperly, Alyssa Gillespie, Brenton Dickieson, Laura Robinson, Donald Moses, Lesley Clement, Philip Smith, Melanie Fishbane, Lyndsey Darling, Emily Woster, Heidi Haering.

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