About Us

Project coordinators Trinna S. Frever and Kate Scarth both hold Ph.D.s in English and are L.M. Montgomery scholars.

Trinna S. Frever

Project Coordinator

Frever is a tenured professor turned fiction writer, specializing in intersections between oral storytelling, music, visual media, and print fiction. She has presented at over thirty international conferences in locations ranging from Florida to France, and published her work in an array of academic journals, including Tulsa Studies in Women’s Literature and the Journal of the Short Story in English .

Find out more: TrinnaFrever.com or @trinna_writes on Instagram

Book cover credit: The Story Girl by L.M. Montgomery, 1911. Tundra Books Edition, 2018. Cover Illustration by Elly Mackay, 2018.

Kate Scarth

Project Coordinator

Scarth is the first Chair of L.M. Montgomery Studies at the University of Prince Edward Island’s L.M. Montgomery Institute. Her research focuses on place and fiction. She is particularly interested in urban and suburban fiction, the topic of her book project, Romantic Suburbs. Her captivation with literary places extends to Atlantic Canada, and her work on this region includes the project, Halifax’s Literary Landmarks. She has published in various academic journals, including Women’s Writing and European Romantic Review. A big goal of her work is sharing Atlantic Canadian writing with different audiences. See, for example, her video “Who is L.M. Montgomery?” produced by UPEI.

Find out more: katescarth.com or @katescarth on Twitter.

Book cover credit: Emily Climbs by L.M. Montgomery, 1925. Bantam Book Edition, 1993. Cover Illustration by Ben Stahl, 1993.

The Project

The World of L.M. Montgomery and Her Fans

Frever and Scarth share an interest in regionalism and women’s writing. Together, they plan to publish a book and website reflecting on the L.M. Montgomery “origin stories” collected during this project and exploring Montgomery’s enduring appeal.

For more on the project, visit our Project Information Page.

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