(Frequently Asked Questions)

Seeking more information about sharing your story with the Your LMM Story project? Look no further!

Can I upload audio, video, or images?

Yes! As long as they are family-friendly and your own work, you may share audio, video, or image files (including your own artwork) to supplement your story or to tell it in your own way.

Is the site available in languages other than English?

At this time, our site is only available in English. Though our project coordinators read in English, we are working on locating translators to help with stories shared in other languages.

May I prepare my story in advance?

Yes! You may copy and paste a pre-written story into the provided text boxes, as long as it is in your own words (or a translation of your words). Artwork, audio, and video files may also be shared, as long as they are family-friendly and you own the copyright.

What if I have technical difficulties?

We recommend navigating within the Share Your Story survey using its own Previous and Next buttons, rather than your browser’s forward and back buttons. If you have trouble sharing your story or encounter any difficulties, you may try again later or contact the project team at yourlmmstory@upei.ca .

What happens when I click the Share Your Story button?

You will be taken to a Survey Monkey page with some preliminary information about the project and how your information will be shared with others.

If you click “yes” to agree, you will be taken to a page that asks three questions:

  1. How did you first discover L.M. Montgomery’s world?
  2. What about this world appeals to you?
  3. How has Montgomery’s world affected your life?

It’s OK to answer all three questions in one story, or to answer them individually. This Share Your Story page permits you to type or copy-and-paste your story into a text box, give additional information about how you discovered L.M. Montgomery’s world, and upload any images you wish to share.

If you agree again, you will be asked a few additional questions about yourself to help the project leaders know who is reading/viewing L.M. Montgomery’s work and why. These questions include: “Do you have a favourite L.M. Montgomery book? If so, which one?” and “Have you ever introduced someone else to Montgomery’s world?” Please share consider sharing!

How do I know if it worked?

Please make sure to hit the “done” button when complete, so your story is recorded. If you’re taken to the thank-you page, you’ve done it right! Thanks for sharing!

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